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Cleaning Tips for Apartments | MELA Luxury Apartments

Cleaning Tips for Apartments

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Do you want to tidy your messy apartment but don’t know where to start? Almost 40 million people in the U.S. live in apartments. Although generally smaller than an average house, these residential properties still require constant upkeep to remain livable and not be a breeding ground for germs and pollutants. Read on to learn tips on how to deep clean an apartment.

Clean One Area at a Time

One of the most important apartment cleaning tips is to have a system. Focus only on one area at a time and proceed to the next once you’re done. For instance, you can start with the bedrooms by changing the sheets and fixing the bed. You can then proceed to the living room, followed by the kitchen, and end with the bathroom. Doing the bathroom last is ideal since you can immediately wash yourself afterward. By having a system, you’ll be more efficient and avoid leaving any part of the apartment uncleaned.

Declutter and Organize

When decluttering, you should always have two bags ready — one for recyclables and another for non-recyclables. Begin gathering trash from the farthest end of the room and slowly work your way to the door. This will make taking the garbage out easier. Then, organize all remaining items. Make sure there’s a dedicated spot for each of them. If some items are needlessly taking up space, store them in your storage bin or cabinet.

Dust the Fixtures

You should regularly remove dirt and dust that accumulate on your home fixtures. This includes your ceiling fans, shelves, luminaire, tables, windows, door knobs, television, and other appliances. While you can use a standard cleaning cloth, the uneven surface and high elevation of some of these fixtures make a feather duster the ideal cleaning apparatus. As you’re dusting, don’t forget to run the duster through the gaps and crevices too.

Use an All-Purpose Cleaning Solution

You’ll be needing a reliable cleaning solution to remove sticky grime and bacteria from your walls, fixtures, and other apartment surfaces. Several brands sell effective cleaning products. However, check their chemical composition, especially if you have pets or small children, since some products have high PH levels that can cause respiratory problems and skin burns. Alternatively, you can make a DIY cleaner. Once the solution is ready, spray some on the cleaning cloth or surface and wipe away.

Vacuum and Mop the Floor

Before you vacuum and mop the floor, make sure that you’re done dusting the fixtures. Otherwise, the dust will just fall on the floor, and you’ll have to clean it again. Vacuum the entire floor. Use attachments like a brush end to get through tighter spaces. Then, finish up by mopping the entire area. Add a dose of your all-purpose solution for a more thorough cleaning.

Final Thoughts

From cleaning one area at a time to using an all-purpose cleaning solution, there are many apartment cleaning tips you can follow. If you want to know more about how to clean an apartment and other residential properties, visit our website.

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